Update! I am now 27!

Good news: I still haven’t married; bad news: I neither got a boyfriend. Yeah, laugh.

Well, 2018 is fast approaching and I honestly need to gear up and raise a notch up on this adulting game. 2017 was crazy fun and I have learned a lot from it. I have gained and lost people in this life (no regrets) and still waiting for my crush (he’s more than 6 ft tall just so everyone is informed.) and his girlfriend to break up. I won a pageant, got my driving license, hooked into dragon boating, learned how to bike again, learning how to swim, started diving (got my license, too!) and still have a lot in my list.

The next year’s gonna be awesome, for sure. So if you have enough time to listen to my blabbers then please, take pleasure in reading through my page (my life, basically).

NO haters, please. If you have anything bad to say, take it somewhere else because MY page is not for you to trash-talk at but for appreciative people who only know love, peace, and positivity.







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