I am…

She almost bumped with another student as she was rushing at the gate front while glancing at her wrist watch. She’s late. Often. And at times, absent.
That gave her a not so good impression from other people, mostly her professors. She can’t blame them. Well, she is, a bit…
Atlast she reached the classroom. everybody stared at her. She felt sudden embarrassment but smiled. “Sorry po. Late.” is all she could say.
If only her mom is with her, she could help her wake up every morning without feeling the Friday sickness (even it is Monday she feels like she’s struck with the desease). And if her father is still alive she would be very afraid to make even a single absence or she’ll regret it.
As she sat on her place, she thougt of something. They will be rehearsing new dances later after class. Today is their schedule for regular trainings. She’s been dancing for almost three years now and very proud she’s a member. Gee, the satisfaction it gives her. To dance in front of a big crowd, hearing applauses and woo’s. And with her co-dancers she can always count on, everythings complete.
She may be missing somethings in her life, she may lack money often and she may be as lazy as she is, worse if you would ask her professors but she knows how to treat people the way they should be. She’s kind, they often say though other people don’t notice. You should not mess with her friends or you wouldn’t like her at all. She may be stubborn but she admits her faults and she regrets it everytime she commits a single error.
She falls inlove, gets hurt, and then fall inlove again. She believes it is a cycle, being inlove. You find one, you lose one then go waiting or finding for another again(But one thing that’s not so good about her is that, everytime she finds one, she finds out that the guy has another girl leaving her no choice but to find another. A curse she often say.).
But she never gives up. She lost a father, she tried working for a living and got separated with her mom so she could work, yet, those weren’t reasons to fall. Instead, it inspired her to be stronger and more willing to strive hard.

That’s how she is. This is her life, MY life.
I am Marlyn… Welcome to my world.


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