a kiss inside an open letter…


it’s been, almost, four long years since we last talked with each other. i’ll assume you miss me a lot. hehehe… and i miss you too.
i went to your place earlier. it seems you’re not there. but i stayed.
your “house” is a little messy so i cleaned some area. i’m sorry i forgot to bring you something to “light up” your place.

you might be asking why i went to your visited without giving you notice. huh? how?
well, I went there to know if you still care? To feel that you are still my father, to know if I could still feel you. (no please, don’t misinterpret that one.) to ask you to take care of mama, our whole family… to bring HIM our wishes. to ask help from you. Pa, I feel so tired. it’s like i wanted to stand in the middle of the street and wait for you to drag me up there. Like I want to shout all these words inside me. I want to feel the feeling of not being alone.

I miss you pa. and I love you… see you when I get there.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jervs says:

    two thumbs up… 😦

  2. mercy says:

    Hay…. hay… grabe la ako masabe…:l

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