a father’s love

this morning i planned to go to my friend’s house … it was her father’s 4oth day (death). i saw my nails are all bad to look at. they really are dirty so i decided to clean them and unfortunately saw that the remover was all empty. i went to the nearest store and search for this pink remover and to look for the best color of nail polish for my nails. (they are growing really yellowish because of always putting this nail colors).

people are all staring at me. no wonder, my hair is curled up because of this interview i attended yesterday (and i haven’t had my bath yet, haha).

well, anyway, as i was looking for these items, i heard a child said, “tatay, gusto ko ay yung yellow,”. I looked at the kid and she was with a sister and her father. the other said; “ay! binili ako ng inay nito nung pasko. kaganda nga.”, while holding a little bag on her hand. they were both smiling while holding there umbrellas. “ate, iyo yang red ha? akin tong dilaw.”


“ayan ha, naibili na. ay dapat makaperpek na sa skul ha.” said their Tatay. and they all laughed. He held his daughters’ hand and walked towards the cashier.

i smiled on them. I saw the father’s eyes, and by that i remembered something.

That day i was with my father. we were about to pick my lolo at the port (my lolo is a ship captain). while we were on our way, my lola called and said that my lolo’s schedule was cancelled. we were at manila already so Papa decided that we just hop at the nearest mall to eat (that was lunch time already and i really have to have some grubs).
it was like a father-daughter date. people stares at us and smiled. i heard them say i look very much like my father. and i got his height too. i didn’t get bored with our date. i enjoyed it actually. after eating, we walked around and try to find something to bring home. while my father was looking for a pair of shoes at the dept. store, i stopped by a goo0d-looking shirt. i wasn;t aware Papa was on my back already. he picked the shirt held my hand and lead me to the nearest fitting room. i just smiled while he was dragging me. after fitting the shirt and showed him (he said, “ang ganda ng damit, ikaw pangit,” and laughed.
we just bought donuts and went home….

while on our way, i feel very happy. i have something to boast about with my sisters. i knew they’ll get jealous of this. hehe, im really maldita when i’m young.
that time i feel so proud with the shirt.

NOW…. i feel so happy to have him as my father. he gave me, not everything, but all i needed, what our family needed. I am lucky to have him.

and you guys, whose their father are still with them, nagging all the way whenever caught in curfew, working everyday to give you baon for school, getting mad on his princess’ suitors telling her he’ll kill the guy, will say he does not want her joining pageants but will be the first one to clap whenever he sees her onstage, will bring and pick you up at school, wil say “anak”, a father you’ll see hugging your mom, a father that you can hear laugh like roaring lion. i feel very lucky to have a father like him, but you are luckier to have him beside you for a longer time. i would have wanted him beside me, i would have wanted someone to guide me and my sister, i would have wanted an adviser, but i have chances no more.

a father’s love is what on infant inside her mother’s arms craves for. what I, janice, my kuya and some other craves for. treasure him. love him and respect him while he’s still around. while you still have time, and when the moment comes that he have to go, you won’ have any regret .

miss you Papang….


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