To The Man I Will Marry

Dear Love,
Hi. By the time you read this you might have known me well. So well that you even married me. By now, I’m here in an apartment I am renting with my housemates. They are actually watching basketball championship which I hate most of the time. But see, i would still love to learn how to appreciate this, in time, with you. We will watch movies together. hands held tight for I might get tired of watching movies alone. We might also walk along Manila bay or go to gym together. We’ll do food tripping and all that.

Time will come and I will meet you. I don’t need a perfect “meeting”. I just want you to ask how I am first and what’s my name. Please don’t hesitate to do it. I might be suplada at times but I swear I’m mabait, or maybe that’s what they say. Just so you know I was hurt many times and maybe would still be hurting by the time you meet me but please do not give up for I know you will be the one to heal me. You might be from the past or maybe someone I don’t know yet, but I hope you won’t easily give up.

I wish you won’t be the serious type, not that I don’t like them. I just want our everyday to be happy. I wish you’ll be someone who knows how to make me smile and laugh. That would really help. Someday, we’ll go to places we both love. Somewhere you and I would want to be at with no hesitations and no doubts.

By the time I already am your girl, please bear with all my shortcomings. I’m a total brat, I want things done my way but I still listen. I cry a lot so make sure you have a hanky ready all the time. I am someone who easily gets hurt emotionally though they call me “cowboy”. When i don’t get what i want i easily get “matampuhin” but do not leave me, just tell me how things should work and why and i will totally understand. I hope your mom would like me and if not, I hope you’ll back me up. Once we meet, let’s not plan for our future. That’s too far to plan for. Let’s plan for the next month coming, not for the next 6 years. On the third day after we meet, you might have known that I don’t have my Dad anyore. I don’t want you to act like him but I want you to act in replacement of him for my sisters. I know you’ll understand that besides you, it will be my mom and sisters on top of everything.

Call me whatever you like, Hon, Babe, Baby, all i want is for you to treat me right. I hope you’ll see me as your other half, not someone you can rule over. Dear, I want you to hold my hand when we walk, not on my waist. I want you to kiss me on my forehead and not on my lips just to boast. I want you to tell everybody that you would marry me and not just that i am your girlfriend. I know I’m gonna be proud of you and I hope you’ll be proud of me too.

Those are the major stuff that I would want you to know. I don’t really want you to be as perfect as I want you to be. I know we will fight sometimes but as i told you, do not give up on me. I am stubborn and even “maldita” at times but I know you love me that much to stay. I just hope you have all the patience.

Dear, i promise to be the best i can. I’ll kiss you not just when you want me to but when you need one. I’ll hug you everyday to remind you of how much i love you. I will cook for you and serve yo well as a wife. When in need I will be your shoulders, your pillow, your comforter. Everyday, I will sing you a song. And I will not be hesitant to bear our child. We will raise them well, bring them to school together and give them all the things they need. I will love them more than I love you but do not be jealous for I will love you all for the rest of my life.



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