The Perfect Guy.

A man who will go out with me and forget NBA finals. A man who will buy me a pair of Vans matching his. Someone who’ll blow dry my hair when we need to rush just to make sure I still look good when we go out. A guy who’ll say “you’re beautiful” instead of “hot” when he sees me naked. Someone who’ll say my cookies are the best and smiles while eating them though they’re black and bitter like coals. A man who has the courage to sing in front of everyone out of tune and will sing it for me. Someone who will look me in the eyes and say “I’m yours” instead of “you’re mine”. Someone who bring extra hanky when it rains, and who knows why. A guy who never hesitates to cry in front of me just because he made a mistake and he sees me crying. The one who will stay when I asked him to leave out of anger. Someone who will take half of my banana cake slice on my diet day, and give his half on my cheat day. Someone who cares about my weight and my health. A man who knows what will make me happy, a man who knows it’s just him. A man unselfish enough to know he’s next important to my mom and sisters. A guy who works not to buy his car but for our dream house. A man who knows “baduy” is sweet. Someone who’ll do crazy stuff with me. Who loves fish balls and isaw. Who stupidly walks under the rain with me, hand held with mine. A man who enjoys laughing with me while watching MIB series or even Disney movies. A man who knows the channels I wanna watch. A man who, without any doubt, will introduce me to his parents. Someone I can call mine. Someone who is solely mine.


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