I Fell In Love With a Woman.

There was one thing i realized when i stared at her photo. I can see beauty, strength, courage and faith all at the same time. I can see a woman who never  gave up. And I realized, I am in love with her.

As Ive heard, this woman had huge dreams, one thing I loved about her. She had mistakes but no ,regrets for all this has helped her to be the best woman I know. She was never selfish, never arrogant and never forgets to help. She knows how to stop a child from crying. She knows how to make a man happy. She can be your best friend, your sister, someone you can seek answers from, good and sincere answers. She was never madamot.  And she never threw stones back to those people who threw bricks at her. Simply, she has a good heart.

I have lost the first man I ever fell in love with and I cannot afford to lose the woman who taught me how to love. The woman who taught me of surviving, trust, faith, fear of God, love of family and hope. The woman who makes me smile when I can’t, who has the perfect timing of helping me get up when i think I have no one. I seriously see her so perfect that I promised to adore her forever.

Today, I promise to love her forever. Today, I promise to keep her safe. Today, I promise to love her first before myself. Today, I promise to keep our dreams alive. Today I promise to stay by her side until the end. Today I promise to make her happy.

I will build that house for you. I will fly high just like we’ve been dreaming. I will be there always for the girls. I will be with you through thick and thin. We will fight this tough life and survive together.

Today is your day but I am not saying all these because of that. Everybody knows how much I love you and that i look up on you.

Mama, there can never be  any word to describe how much we love you, how much we treasure you. Happy Mother’s day mama. I salute you. No giving up.


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