I am NOT

I look big and so look like I’m unbreakable. I look like I can face anything. I look like I don’t fear life. I look strong and I look tough.


I may laugh a lot, but please remember that I still cry. I may be strong, but I’m a woman, and like others, I breakdown. I may have stood up for the people I love but like them, I also need someone to back me up. I joke a lot, but when it hurts, it hurts. I may not talk when it does, but please know when to stop. I may have sacrificed a lot, and I’m still willing to sacrifice more for people I care for but it doesn’t mean that I can sacrifice everything. I try to make fun of myself but that doesn’t mean you can make fun of me too.

I have heard enough backstabbing and I don’t speak up or fight back, but please, I am human, and I can still feel. I don’t fight back doesn’t mean I can’t hate you. I always try to understand, but there is always limit to my understanding. I am friendly, that’s what they say, but I hope they don’t see it as a weakness. I seldom cry and when I do, it means I am hurt badly.

I am a woman. I may be simple, but I appreciate flowers. I may not need stuffed toys and chocolates but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve receiving some. I don’t ask a lot, because I’m waiting for what people can give or may be what they want to give me. I don’t ask too much but that does not mean I don’t wait for anything when I know I deserve it. I don’t ask, yes, but that does not mean that I don’t need. I don’t complain but please do not be abusive.

This goes to everyone for everyone who feels the same. Who can’t speak up. Who wants to speak up. Who doesn’t have the courage to speak up.


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