My Love

My love, I have the need to tell you that I am just as proud of you as when we were young and you first danced with Papa’s tap on the wall. And that will never change. I love you as much as I do yesterday and will love you more everyday just as I love all four of you, just as much as how Papa and Mama loves you.

When you get old and you have little ones to look after, you will know what pain and happiness and struggle and laughter and sadness of being apart and all this chaos of emotions feel, all at the same time. You will understand why I have to be mean, why I have to say harsh words when I think you’re out of track, why I have to hide my struggles, why I have to always be strong and why I’m so happy. It is all because of you and the rest of the girls.
I was lost, too. I was so lost, I couldn’t even tell who I am. But all I did was look at you and the girls sleeping, one night, and I knew where I should be and what I should be doing. Do not lose that strength between you and us. That will definitely help you hold on to our goal. You will make mistakes, you will get heartbroken, you will cry a lot and conquer all this life’s drama. But always know that you are not alone. You are not alone. You will NEVER be alone. Don’t take yourself away from us. Don’t change yourself to someone you would hate when you stare at her.
Life can be destiny, but it’s also made of decisions. Wherever you need to be, whatever you ought to make of yourself, it will be by your decisions. One wrong step is never a flaw, remember that. But as long as you keep in your heart what makes you move forward, you’ll never get lost. And when the time comes, when you do not know where you are and where you have to go, when I see you need that tight grip on your hand, I’ll pull you up. We will pull you up. We are always around.
Ate loves you.

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