Dear Love

You are so precious to me and all I can think of when I think of you is purity. Your heart and soul is just as pure as white. You are a blessing to everyone.

I can remember seeing you cry every time we leave to work overseas. I can remember your voice in the bathroom, singing while taking a  bath. I can remember you getting mad at people who bullies the ones you love and care for. I can only remember good things about you, my love. You bring smiles to us, and overflowing happiness and all the goodness the world don’t deserve.

Today, I am pretty emotional. Because the three of you are babies no more. And sooner, i’d have to let go of you one by one. Today, I want to thank you for understanding Ate Nini, for not asking too much and for being thankful of all the little things, for always being there for us no matter what, for standing for what and who’s right, for helping people and for forgiving. You have a very beautiful soul Ate Bebe and I can’t be prouder to be your sister.

Always remember that Ate is always here for you no matter what. I love you with all of me. And Ate is always at your back. Happy 18th Birthday my Love! I know the heavens will bless you for as long as you live. I wish that you get all your heart’s desire. 🙂





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