Dear Mama,

Remember when we were sitting outside our house and talked about how sad our life was? We were wrong. Life is very beautiful. I know for sure because we still have you.IMG_2370

You are the reason why we kept up with life; why instead of giving up to our weaknesses, we fought; and why we still believe in God, love and hope. You are the reason why people keep saying “Maayos ang pagpapalaki sa mga batang ito.” You are the reason why we were able to prove everyone wrong when they said “wala kayong mararating” or “maaga lang magaasawa ang anak ni Ayong”. Mama, you are the wall we lean on to, the light that leads us and the home we will always go to when we’re tired.

Never ever think that you did less to provide because you did everything to give us what we need. We are who we are because of you. Never think that you did anything wrong, you are perfect. The best sacrifice I’ve seen is from you. I hope you can see how people look up to you. How we look up to you. You are beautiful. You are hope. You are love. You are all the good things I can ever think of.

Mama, salamat po sa hindi pagsuko sa buhay. Maraming Salamat po sa pagtitiis na maitaguyod kami. Utang po namin ang buhay naming tatlo sa inyo. Utang po namin ang kung ano mang meron kami.

One day, we’ll be together and wouldn’t have to be away from each other anymore. Konting tiis pa po, Mama. Kakayanin namin para maibigay sa inyo lahat ng pinangarap mo. Para po sa inyo lahat ng ginagawa ko.

Laban lang tayo sa buhay Remelyn. 😊 Kayang kaya yan.

Happy Birthday, Mama.



Your Only Nene


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